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Monday, November 15th 2010, 3:47pm

That´s why she is who she is...

Eine kleine Character Studie über Ruby. Was passiert ist, bevor sie ein Dämon wurde, und warum sie einer wurde.
Jede schwarze Seele hat schließlich eine Vorgeschichte...

That´s why she is who she is

Born in 1556 as a daughter of a wealthy salesman, Ruby was raised as a perfect wife for this century. Her childhood was protective and she discovered a lot of love from her father. Her mother died when she was two years old. Her nana took care of her afterwards. At the age of sixteen she got married to a 30 year old, mean and ruthless mercer.

She mostly avoided him during the day, while spending her time at the local fountain, talking to the other woman and playing with the kids. One day a stranger showed up. It was William the son of a common farmer outside the town. After a few days they became friends and spend every free minute with each other.

The more time Ruby and William spend together, the more they fell in love. Ruby knew it was a huge mistake but she hated her husband. He beat her every time he got mad at something or drank too much. Which was really too often.

Ruby showed William her favorite place in the woods. Where no one could find them. They spend wonderful hours in this hidden place. Till Ruby found out that she was pregnant.

Not from her husband, no. The child was from William. She could hide it for the first weeks, but her belly was getting bigger. When her husband found out about the child he was happy. Not knowing it wasn´t his.
As months passed by, Ruby still met William at their secret place every free minute.
Ruby´s husband got curious why his loved wife never was home when he came back home. So he send out a spy to watch over her. That´s where the misery began.

The spy followed Ruby to the hidden place in the woods, where William was already waiting for her. The kissed and talked over the baby, that his birth was coming up. Also that William where excited to see his child.

That´s what the spy needed. He rushed back to the mercer and told him what he saw and heard. Right at this moment Ruby came into the room and saw the two standing together. They looked at her with disgust. The mercer ran to her, grabbing his knife from his holster and held it to her neck. Swearing he would kill her and this bastard of child she was caring, if she didn´t tell him where this guy was she´s been seen with. Ruby denied everything, cause she would rather kill herself then telling this monster where her William was.

But sadly the spy knew everything about him. Who he was, where his family lived and since when they had met each other.

The anger of the mercer grew even more as he heard all the details. He ran out of the house to find William and kill him. Ruby begged for mercy and that he should take her life instead of his, but it was too late. Her husband was already gone.

She went to her room and cried all the pain out. Knowing that at this moment her beloved William would get killed.

A few hours later the mercer came back home. He walked straight into Ruby´s room, beating and throwing her around. She just took it and didn´t say a word. The mercer threw her out of the house, without anything. The only things she got left where the clothes she was wearing and her child.

Ruby walked through the town and found a place to sleep in the little convent outside the town wall. The nuns gave her food, clothes and a warm place to sleep. She also gave birth to her daughter in this convent. Ruby named her after her own mother, Sarah. The little girl looked a lot like her father William. The same light hazel eyes and the dark curly hair.

She raised her the first years in the convent, where Ruby learned a lot about herbs, drinks and other helpful things she needed in the future. When Sarah was 6 years old, the two of them went out to find a new home. They found one in the woods. It was a old little hunting lodge. Not much, but good enough for the them.

Ruby was really good with the herbs and drinks, so that people from the town came to her when they where sick or needed something for their brute. After a few months this became a huge problem. Her still husband heard about her and what she was doing. His anger came up again and he spread the rumor, that Ruby is a witch and her child was a spawn of the devil himself.

At this time the people where really scared about witches and everything that had to do with supernatural things. Especially children which are said to be the devils child. So a bunch of men came one night and took Sarah. Ruby was unable to stop them, cause they tied her up and made her watch the torture they gave to her daughter. The men burned her skin, sliced her back and beat her up, so that she would admit who her real father was. Sarah just repeated Williams name. Ruby screamed and struggled against her chains, but it was hopeless. They took Sarah with them, obvious what they would do to her when they where back in town. They left Ruby tied up against a joist of her cabin. She was screaming and crying even after she couldn’t see or hear them anymore.

Hours after the men left with Sarah, Ruby could free herself, not really aware how she did it. The only thing she had in mind was to help and rescue her daughter. The only thing in her life that was worth living for.

Ruby ran through the woods and saw a flickering light through the trees, hoping that it was not a fire. But she was wrong. As Ruby reached the clearing she just stared at what was happening in front of her. Sarah was tied up in the middle of a huge pile of wood. A funeral pile. And it was already inflamed. Sarah screamed, the fire already reached her feet and flashed over her clothes and hair. The smell of burned skin wafted through the smoke thick air. Ruby ran to the fire and tried to climb up the pile. Strong hands restrained her from climbing higher and also getting killed. Sarahs screams went silent after what felt like an eternity.

The woman sat at the base of the fire, crying her eyes out and cursing the mercer for spreading those lies about her and her daughter. When the fire was finally burned down, Ruby took the remains of her daughter and buried them behind their little house. Rage grew inside the woman and she thought about something she heard from an old lady in the town. She walked into her cabin, collected some things she would need and put them into a small bag.

The lore says that you have to find a crossroad and burrow some special things in the middle of it. When you’re lucky a man appears and grants you one wish. She definitely knew what she wanted. Nothing for herself, nor her daughter back. Just revenge. The mercer had to suffer for the things he did to her, her daughter and William.

Ruby headed out of her cabin and walked straight to the next crossroad to do what the lore said. After a few minutes a man appeared behind her. Ruby wasn’t scared of him. She told him what she wanted, and that she would pay any price he would claim. He agreed to the deal. The woman got ten years. After that he would come and collect her soul. The deal was sealed with a kiss.

She returned to the town and everybody looked at her. She tried to ignore the gazes and kept up a normal life. Well, it was anything but normal. Ruby learned a lot about witchcraft and how to use it from the old lady in town.

And the mercer got sick, very sick and lost all of his belongings. Ruby was satisfied with what she got out of the deal, even though she lived the life of an outcast.

Ten years after the death of her daughter and the deal, the stranger appeared again. Ruby went with him, knowing that she wouldn’t go to heaven.
Instead she found herself in hell. Tied to a rack, getting her intestines cut out. But no pain in hell was compared to he pain she suffered from the loss of her beloved daughter.
At the end of the day a man named Alastair came to her and asked if she wanted to get off of this rack and start torture souls herself. Ruby didn’t even think about that offer and said yes.

She tortured souls day in, day out. And that made her become a demon. Her soul lost almost all it´s humanity.

Hundreds of years later she was asked if she would help to start a new age, where demons would reign over the world and Lucifer would walk among earth.

She agreed and was send back to earth with her mission. Ruby would have done everything to complete this job. Until she met Sam Winchester...



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