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Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:47pm

By Serkan

Registered and paid online but have not<a href=""> rieecved</a> any conformation and my blog is not listed. Just making sure I did everything right because I do not want to miss out on being at this incredible event. Also would like for my blog to be added to the role. I am a noob at this and knowing my site was out there would help keep me faithful in this endeavor.


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:46pm

By Abedin

Wowza, problem solved like it never <a href="">hapeenpd.</a>


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:46pm

By Melva

That's a sensible answer to a <a href="">chlilengang</a> question


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:42pm

By Anibal

What a great idea and opportunity. Would have loved to have been at the <a href="">concreenfe</a>. A big ocean in the way made it a bit difficult. Would love to be added to the directory.In Christ,Andrew


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:41pm

By Yusupkala

I call him Gov. Mario Pataki, (Rino,) because he got more gun<a href=""> cntorol</a> bills passed than even Mario Cuomo ever wanted to pass. It is because of him we have the AWB, CoBIS and other laws that have no impact on crime but just limit what legal gun owners can


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:41pm

By Muna

Darnel :) Cheers!Mark, I'm glad you do! :) Thanks!Callangoscopio, thanks for the kind <a href="">fecbdaek</a>! :)Javier! Cheers my friend!Cara, thanks, many thanks!JP! Sky Captain! ! Cheers!Juan :) Big thanks!Anonymous, cheers too! And sure, I'll keep on posting work-in-progress processes etc.


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:38pm

By Yer

This is the perfect way to break down this <a href="">intfamroion.</a>


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:29pm

By Mathias

have 2 updates for you. First, I did a How to Center your Header in Blogger Post a few weeks ago, and it turns out that not only did it<a href=""> ctneer</a> your header, but it also screwed


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:27pm

By Roxana

Hi Frank,This is exactly what I'm<a href=""> lnooikg</a> for! I'm having a few issues. I'm trying to create the function and I've added the exact same code as you've added inside the function.However, I am receiving this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected <' . It is complaining about the first rss tag inside the function i.e. <rss version . What do you think the problem is?Thanks,tkm


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:14pm

By Jeremy

Last one to <a href="">utzilie</a> this is a rotten egg!


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:13pm

By Johnny

I always<a href=""> eeojynd</a> the conversations we had at the Fitness Center. Dennis alway had a kind and gentle spirit, and I will always cherish the times we prayed together. He saw prayer as a gift, and he always expressed appreciation for taking the time to pray w


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:08pm

By Diyah

My Dad and Stepmom were married in Annapolis, and this<a href=""> rlaley</a> brings me back. This couple is gorgeous and you did an amazing job capturing them (which, I know, can be stressful with the Naval Academy's crazy schedule!)


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:05pm

By Mohmed

Lovelies!a0 We have some wonderful news to share with you!a0 Remember the post Guestbook :: A Different Approach that we did a while back?a0 Well guess what?!a0a0 While<a href=""> sincrheag</a> the web for fabulous


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:04pm

By Haha

Please contact Arthur Jaffe at Harvard who <a href="">surley</a> has copies. So do I - on older computers - but it's a hassle to send them. I deleted them on my main laptop a few months ago...


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:01pm

By Yer

<a href="">Exrlemety</a> helpful article, please write more.


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:00pm

By Jotine

I think it looks good, lots of amateurs use too<a href=""> lttlie</a> white space. You just got unexpected (and unwanted) help from the blogger system ;)Still, I can see that it would fuck up some designs, so it's nice to be able to remove it when you want.


Friday, January 9th 2015, 3:00pm

By Hasdhgj

Sure, it's just that on some monitors very<a href=""> ltlite</a> of my text gets on the first page you get to, but that's okay, I guess. Anon: hilsc yourself. Thanks for the tip.


Friday, January 9th 2015, 2:59pm

By Clifford

Thanks for this link! You have some very good advice here about links & blog <a href="">lagngaue</a>. I try to help when I can, but realise my knowledge is just the beginning...


Friday, January 9th 2015, 2:58pm

By Maarof

If I'm not mistaken, flash was <a href="">aruond</a> for a day or two longer than the iPhone. Maybe Apple's antitrust approach to Flash is the problem here, not Tejas investment in a visually compelling website. The point of your post is well-taken, but aren't you dismissing the lack of investment by Apple in supporting a web technology that is used on 95%+ of all desk/lap top machines? Both google and palm are working to support Flash.


Friday, January 9th 2015, 2:56pm

By Saroj

You got to push it-this <a href="">esasitnel</a> info that is!